Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring 2015 Gym Playlist

Hi everyone! I haven't posted a playlist on here in awhile so this one is going to be a doozy. I have been listening to so much good music lately and I can't wait to share it with you!

This playlist is much more upbeat than some of my previous playlists, and I think it's perfect for the hotter weather we're starting to experience. I hope you guys enjoy!

  1. Hood Go Crazy by Tech N9ne, 2Chainz & B.o.B.
  2. Dance All Night by Baby Bash & Problem
  3. Research by Big Sean Ft. Ariana Grande
  4. Ayo by Chris Brown & Tyga
  5. Lewinsky by D&G
  6. Choices (Yup) by E-40
  7. She Wildin' by Fabolous Ft. Chris Brown
  8. Money Sack by E-40 Ft. Lil Boosie
  9. How To Be the Man by Riff Raff
  10. Drankin' Patna by T-Pain
  11. Money on the Floor by Too $hort Ft. E-40
  12. Old English by Young Thug Ft. a bunch of people lol
  13. How That Taste by Kehlani
  14. Lean On by Major Lazer Ft. MO & DJ Snake
  15. Lost & Found by Pia Mia
  16. Sugar by Maroon 5
  17. Fuck With You by Pia Mia Ft. G-Eazy
  18. Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna
  19. She Knows by Ne-Yo Ft. Juicy J
  20. Be Real by Kid Ink Ft. Dej Loaf
  21. ILYSB by LANY
  22. To U by Jack U & Skrillex Ft. AlunaGeorga
  23. No Role Modelz by J. Cole
  24. Kiss You in the Morning by Michael Ray
  25. You Know You Like It by DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge
  26. Trouble by Halsey (Sander Kleinenberg Remix)
  27. Make it Rain by Fat Joe & Lil Wayne
  28. Yiken (Certified) by Priceless Da Roc
  29. Gang Bang by Joe Moses Ft. YG
  30. Blue Hunnids by Kool John Ft. P-Lo
  31. Summer Jam by Kool John Ft. Iamsu!
  32. On Citas by Iamsu! Ft. Keak da Sneak
  33. Bass Head by Bassnectar

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February Gym Playlist Pt. 2

  1. Sweatpants by Childish Gambino
  2. Jesus Christ by Brand New
  3. Elevated by State Champs
  4. Two Lips (Acoustic) by Hoodie Allen
  5. In Between by Beartooth
  6. Planes (Ft. J. Cole) by Jeremih
  7. Twin Size Mattress by The Front Bottoms
  8. Worldstar by Childish Gambino
  9. Quick Fast by Audiopush
  10. Growing Pains by Neck Deep
  11. G.O.M.D. by J. Cole
  12. Summer by Real Friends
  13. What They Want by ScHoolboy Q
  14. The Lines by Beartooth
  15. Au Revoir (Adios) by The Front Bottoms
  16. Slide by Goo Goo Dolls
  17. Get Away (Remix) (Ft. Kehlani) by G-Eazy

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Becoming a Morning Person

I am not a morning person. Or, at least, I wasn’t. I literally had the hardest time waking up every morning last semester (even for my 11am class - whoops) and I would literally get up at the latest possible time, throw myself together (if you can call it that) and go to class. I would come back tired, and have a relatively unproductive day.

^^ an actual picture of me in the morning

I don’t know exactly what changed for me this semester, but I have a few ideas. I think living an overall healthier lifestyle, being nicer to myself, kicking ass in the gym, and fueling my body pretty well has helped me find motivation to get up in the morning and #killtheday.

I get up early, pull myself together, and go to breakfast.

I look forward to this everyday and I think this routine is definitely beneficial to me.

I use my breakfast time in the dining hall to relax, get ready for the day, and achieve some extra mental clarity. I sip on my coffee, eat some fresh fruit, people watch, read, socialize - whatever I’m feeling like for the day. It just helps to start my day off on a really good note.

Sometimes I go by myself, and I’ll see friends in the dining hall and they’ll join me. Sometimes I go by myself and relax by myself, which is just as nice. Other times my best friend will join me! I never really know what will end up happening, but it’s always fun.

This semester is incredibly different already than last semester. I just feel good

I don’t know if I can equate even a bit of this to my morning ritual, but I feel like it definitely helps. If you feel like you’re running yourself thin, try creating a little routine for yourself.

If you have big issues getting up in the morning, make it a lunch or dinner ritual! Figure out what works for you, and do what you have to do to make yourself happy. 

February 2015 Gym Playlist

Here are my top picks for this month! I realize not all of you will be into this stuff, and it's not all your "typical" gym music, but I hope you'll be able to find some songs in here you enjoy!

1. Shabba by A$AP Ferg
2. The Story So Far. Every song. Literally.
          My faves as of right now are: Quicksand, Framework, The Glass, Mt. Diablo, Stifled, Playing the Victim . . . ok actually, all of them are my favorite.
3. No Good by Knuckle Puck
4. Scylla by R.L. Grime
5. Valhalla by R.L. Grime (Ft. Djemba Djemba)
6. Core by R.L. Grime
7. Kingpin by R.L. Grime (Ft. Big Sean)
8. Woodwork by Knuckle Puck
9. Centuries by Fall Out Boy
10. 7/11 by Beyonce
11. Down Home Boys by Cole Swindell
12. Drown by Front Porch Step
13. Love You Like That by Canaan Smith
14. Close Your Eyes by Parmalee
15. No Role Modelz by J. Cole
16. But Why Would You Care? by Knuckle Puck
17. All About It by Hoodie Allen (Ft. Ed Sheeran)
18. Love Sosa (Remix) by R.L. Grime
19. Covet by Basement
20. But Why Would You Care? by Knuckle Puck
21. No Handz (Remix) by CRNKN
22. Flashlight by DJ Fresh
23. Drop Girl by uz
24. Murda something by XVII Trap

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Party Girl Turned Grandma?

I struggled a little bit last weekend (my first full weekend back at school). I go to a school with a huge party reputation, and for the most part, students live up to that. I went out a lot last semester, but this semester I am really not interested in it. I haven't been drinking, because it's bad for me physically and mentally (and emotionally, honestly).

I don't want the extra calories. I don't want the headache, dizziness, and unproductiveness that can come the next day because of a night out. I don't want to wake up feeling like I made bad decisions or embarrassed myself in any way.

I have no problem staying in, but my issue is that I don't really have any friends that would rather stay in than party.

Last weekend, I stayed strong and did not drink at all (it's been since about early December since I have). My issue was that I was laying in my bed hanging out by myself.

Now, don't get me wrong - I really do enjoy my alone time and relaxation. But it's really hard to stay in and do nothing when all of my friends are out together partying. I got in my own head, and felt like I had no friends (which isn't true), and I just felt depressed at the possibility that every weekend was going to be like this.

I realize that my feelings were melodramatic but I am not going to lie to you guys about what was going through my head!

I spent Thursday and Friday night by myself going stir-crazy in my little dorm room. There's only so much Netflix you can watch in one night!

My friend Courtney and I had a talk Saturday and realized that we were both feeling the same way. She was in the room literally across the hall from me doing the same thing I was (though we both thought the other was out, and didn't bother to text each other).

Basically, despite my feelings of aloneness and discouragement, I found someone else who was feeling the same way I was. We ended up going out with our friends Saturday night, though I didn't have anything to drink. I still had a good time!


This long story was basically to say that if you're feeling the same way I am, you're not the only one. But it'll all turn out okay!

This weekend, I am not going to wallow in self pity or whatever dramatic feelings I had. I can go out and not drink, stay in with someone and hang out, have a late night gym sesh, go to bed early, etc.

I still want to find more friends that enjoy not going out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights every weekend. But I also need to feel happiness about sticking to what I want, and not letting anyone influence me to differ from my goals.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Second Semester Fitness Resolutions

Okay, I'm going to be straight up here. I dun' gooooooofed my first semester away at college! I "tried" to be healthy but in all honestly I did not work out consistently and I did not exercise restraint with my diet.

That's all fine and dandy, but now it's time to get my act together.

I will be back at college in a few hours and I want to make some resolutions for myself to ensure that I reach my goals!

1. Make a routine and stick to it!

2. Keep healthy food in my dorm, and don't let the supply dwindle (as that's when I usually go out and choose a less healthy option)

3. Dining hall food isn't that good. Don't waste a cheat on that stuff. Stick to the salads!

4. Treat myself nicely.

5. Set weekly goals! It's super beneficial for me and doesn't let me get as overwhelmed.

6. Take progress pictures.

7. Plan & prepare.

8. Take advantage of the dorm kitchen.

9. Weigh-ins Tuesdays!

10. Cut WAAAY back on eating out! It's unhealthy and expensive.

11. Be consistent. This is where I mess up. I know what is healthy for me. I know what to do in the gym. I've been consistent before, and it did wonders for me. Let's do this again!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 2015 Gym Playlist

If you shuffle through my music, you'll literally go from a country song to rap to hard rock. My workout playlists are always a similar jumble, so hopefully you'll be able to find something in here that pumps you up!

**a lot of these songs are fairly explicit - fair warning ;)

Songs in bold are my faves ;)

1. Ass Drop - Wiz Khalifa
2. Only - Nicki Minaj (Ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown)
3. Bad Blood - Taylor Swift
4. Alone Together - Fall Out Boy
5. Jelly - Andre Nickatina (Ft. Problem)
6. Take You Higher - Goodwill Hook N Sling
7. Dump Dump - A$AP Ferg
8. Work Out - J. Cole
9. Let Me See Ya Girl - Cole Swindell
10. Oh Yeah - Chris Brown (Ft. Snoop Dogg & 2 Chainz)
11. 'Till I Collapse - Eminem
12. Monica Lewinsky - G-Eazy (Ft. Skizzy Mars & KYLE)
13. Feeling Myself - Nicki Minaj (Ft. Beyonce)
14. Take It Out On Me - Florida Georgia Line
15. Fergsomnia - A$AP Ferg (Ft. Twista)
16. I Need Your Love - Calvin Harris (Ft. Ellie Goulding)
17. Ayo - Chris Brown & Tyga
18. Stuntin' Like My Daddy - Birdman & Lil Wayne
19. Hell Yeah - Milla (Ft. Clyde Carson)
20. Tic Tac Toe - Logic
21. Hell of a Night - Dustin Lynch
22. Good Day - Tyga (Ft. Lil Wayne & Meek Mill)
23. 19,999 - Too $hort
24. Low -  Juicy J (Ft. Nicki Minaj, Lil Bibby & Yung Thug)
25. Voices - Disturbed
26. Work - A$AP Ferg (Ft. A$AP Rocky, French Montana, Trinidad James & ScHoolboy Q)