Sunday, January 18, 2015

Second Semester Fitness Resolutions

Okay, I'm going to be straight up here. I dun' gooooooofed my first semester away at college! I "tried" to be healthy but in all honestly I did not work out consistently and I did not exercise restraint with my diet.

That's all fine and dandy, but now it's time to get my act together.

I will be back at college in a few hours and I want to make some resolutions for myself to ensure that I reach my goals!

1. Make a routine and stick to it!

2. Keep healthy food in my dorm, and don't let the supply dwindle (as that's when I usually go out and choose a less healthy option)

3. Dining hall food isn't that good. Don't waste a cheat on that stuff. Stick to the salads!

4. Treat myself nicely.

5. Set weekly goals! It's super beneficial for me and doesn't let me get as overwhelmed.

6. Take progress pictures.

7. Plan & prepare.

8. Take advantage of the dorm kitchen.

9. Weigh-ins Tuesdays!

10. Cut WAAAY back on eating out! It's unhealthy and expensive.

11. Be consistent. This is where I mess up. I know what is healthy for me. I know what to do in the gym. I've been consistent before, and it did wonders for me. Let's do this again!

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